Modern School



Students must have secured a prescribed GPA in SEE and equivalent examination by NEB.


Students must submit prescribed admission forms distributed in school/college administration.

Entrance exams

Applicants must appear in the entrance test.


Entrance-test passed students are called for an interview. Parents/Guardians should come with the students at the time of interview. Qualified students will be taken admission at MODERN. The school/college reserves full right to approve or reject any application without prior notice.


2 years (Class 11-1year & Class 12-1year)
4 Years BBS

Peace Prosperity Ambition

We foster an environment dedicated to academic excellence, personal growth, and overall well-being. Our dedicated team of passionate educators is committed to nurturing young minds and helping each student realize their full potential. We believe that education is not only about acquiring knowledge but also about developing essential skills, critical thinking abilities, and a lifelong love for learning.